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AIDO Wipers Take You Home Safely in Stormy Weather!

AD300 universal wipers are manufactured to TUV-approved standards ensuring optimum visibility even in stormy weather. The rubber blades incorporates Teflon coating which prolongs lifespan by 30%, making it a clear choice for many drivers who demands durability and performance.


Advantages of Teflon-coated rubbers:

  • Lower friction ensures smooth wipes

  • Non-stick and silent

  • Withstand high temperatures

  • 30% longer lifespan

  • Water repellent and delivers clear & clean wipes





Unique advantages:

•    OEM Quality 
•    Teflon Coated Rubber
•    Smooth Wipes
•    Clear Visibility
•    Silent Wipes
•    Ozone Resistant
•    Rust Free Frame
•    More Claws
•    No Wind-lift
•    Long Life
•    Versatile Adaptor
•    Easy Installation 





Smooth & Clean Wipes 
Teflon-coated rubber lowers co-efficient of friction. Ensures smooth and clean wipes.


Silent Wipes
Teflon-coated rubber is non-stick. Does not judder and gives silent wipes.


Longer Life
Teflon-coated rubber is heat resistant to Ozone. Withstands severe temperatures and remains supple.

It has 30% longer usable life.


Water Repellent
Teflon coated rubber has superior water repellent property.

Repels water and gives clear and clean wipes.


Safe and reliable in Stormy Weather
It is a safe and reliable wiper that ensures clear visibility in stormy weather. 


Rust Free, Aerodynamic Frame with More claws
Stainless steel wiper frame is rust proof. It has more claws to provide uniform distribution

of downward force and strong support. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag, noise and wind-lift. 


Multi-Application Adaptor
Versatile adaptor fits a variety of wiper arms.


Available sizes

Single pack:  14"   16"   17"   18"   19"   20"   21"   22"   24"   26"

Double pack:   12"+21"



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