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Air Inflator



Features & Benefits

  • Handy, reliable and useful.

  • With 1 year product warranty.

  • Comes with a CycarTech bag for easy storage in car boot.




Easy to use



1. Plug into the in-car charger

2. Attach to the valve stem

3. Pump in air

Instant solution



Fix your flat tyre 
in just a few minutes.



Comes with 
a carrying bag.

Fits nicely behind your seat or in the boot.



How To Use


Step 1: Fasten the air nozzle to the tyre valve.

Step 2: Connect the inflator power supply (12V) to the car cigarette lighter socket. Keep engine running to maintain battery performance.

Step 3: Switch on the inflator to inflate to the desired PSI.
(Normally 30 PSI or 210 kPa)

Step 4: After inflation, keep the inflator in the bag and store in car boot.




Product Specification




Maximum Pressure

Max Air Flow Speed

Inflation Time

Power Cable Length

With LED Light



Passenger cars


150 PSI/1,000 kPa


3 - 5 minutes

3.0 M






4X4, SUV, light commercial vehicles


150 PSI/1,000 kPa


3 - 5 minutes

3.0 M




Other Common Usages


This equipment can also be used to pump in air into:


  • Bicycle tyres

  • Soccer ball or other sports ball

  • Balloons




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