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About Bardahl

bardahl Lubricants Additive oil minyak malaysia

Bardahl is world famous additives and lubricants from USA with 'Polar attraction' special chain molecules which ensure constant lubrication of all moving metal parts. The company, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation, was founded by Ole Bardahl more than 80 years ago. Ole Bardahl was instrumental in the development of Bardahl's revolutionary oil additives formulated with Polar Attraction property that insulates metal surface from friction, heat and wear. 


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Bardahl's Product Data Sheets (PDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be viewed at this page.



Basis for Bardahl Products


Unprotected metal surfaces are susceptible to excessive wear and tear. Morning start-ups and cold-starts with ordinary oils expose engines to potential break downs as these oils would have easily drained away from the critical moving parts when the ignition is turned off. The result could be potentially dangerous engine failures, which are expensive to repair.


Bardahl scientists successfully eliminated the problem of unprotected metal surfaces by carefully formulating a special additive known as “Polar Attraction”. Bardahl’s Polar Attraction formula electronically charges the molecules of ordinary oil and fastens themselves tightly to any oppositely charged metal molecule. In this way a microscopically thin, but extremely durable, film of lubrication is held magnetically in place against metal, insulating the surface against friction, heat and wear.

bardahl Lubricants Additive oil minyak malaysia

Bardahl "Polar Plus" with Fullerene


Bardahl 'Polar Plus' with Fullerenes is an enhanced, more environmentally friendly version of the 'Polar Attraction' formula with improved anti-oxidation and superior deposit control chemistry. While the classic 'Polar Attraction' formula provides two layers of protection against friction and wear, the improved 'Polar Plus' with Fullerenes provides triple layer protection against friction and wear.


Bardahl 'Polar Plus' with Fullerenes is performance proven in field tests such as the grueling journey of 'No-Oil-Run'. A breathtaking record set in 1999 in Malaysia by 2 ordinary cars which were driven without engine oils for a distance of 1,330km, and without any signs of over-heating and engine burnt after the entire journey, clearly proves Bardahl's superior triple layer protection against friction and wear.


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