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About the company


We are CyCar Parts And Accessories Sdn Bhd (previously known as Cycle & Carriage Parts And Accessories Sdn Bhd), a leading distributor of lubricant products and automotive parts in Malaysia.  The distribution business of these lubricants and automotive parts was taken over en bloc from Cycle & Carriage (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in 2006 following an operational restructure.


We are the sole and exclusive distributor in Malaysia for products of Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation, a world renowned manufacturer of highest quality additive and lubricant products from USA with more than 70 years of successful history.


“Everything runs better with Bardahl” when the strengths of Bardahl's very own revolutionary 'Polar Plus' additive technology are combined with the superior hydrocracked base oil. The most challenging and hardest test conducted on engines is the demanding 'No-Oil-Run' for a distance of 1,330km, a breathtaking record set in 1999 in Malaysia and unbroken until today.


We are the distributor for a number of well-known brands of automotive products such as Torch Spark Plugs, Aido Wiper Blades,
ODM Drive Shafts and LPB Brake Pads.


We are also the proud owner of the popular CycarTech brand of automotive products. These products are of superior quality and include automotive accessories such as Power Starter, Air Inflator and others.


At CyCar, our customers are at the heart of what we do. We believe strongly in innovation, creativity and continual improvement in our development of quality products to meet our customers' ever increasing demand for excellent values and highest safety standards.

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