The CycarTech Power Starter is a series of compact, jump-start tool suitable for use on passenger cars and larger vehicles such as the 4x4s, SUVs and small vans. 


Each of the Power Starter model is packed with premium-grade batteries and serves as a power bank for many types of electronic devices such as the smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. Other feature, such as the LED flashlight may come in handy during emergency situations.


Made with Grade A+ lithium polymer material, the Power Starter series are safe to be carried around. Its pocket-size design are light in weight, making it portable and very convenient to handle.


Jump Starter
for jump-starting vehicles


Easy to jump start a vehicle when its battery runs out, for many times if needed.

Power Bank
for charging devices



Serves as a power bank for electronic devices, such as MP3 players, tablets and smartphones.

power starter ps18 (2).jpg
jumpstarter 4x4 SUV power bank
jumpstarter power bank
jumpstarter power bank
power starter PS18 specification-03.jpg
power starter ps18.jpg

With 1 Year Warranty*

*Terms and condition apply

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With 1 Year Warranty*

*Terms and condition apply

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Discontinued models

jumpstarter power bank
jumpstarter 4x4 SUV power bank

With 1 Year Warranty*

*Terms and condition apply

USB Port

Durable bag

Jumpstart Port

LED Flashlight

Multi-socket Phone Adapter

Jumpstart cable

jump starter power bank premium quality

Step 1:


Clamp the Jumpstart cable to the battery terminal of the vehicle.

Step 2:


Connect the cable to the Power Starter and press the power button.

Step 3:


Turn the ignition and let the engine run.

Note:    Please refer to the User Guide for a comprehensive information on how to use the product. 

PS6 "How-to" Video:

PS7 "How-to" Video:

PS9 "How-to" Video:

LED lights power bank jump start