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LPB Brake Pads




Effective 1 November 2015, all brake pads & shoes offered for supply to the Malaysian market must comply with ECE R90, Regulation 90 of the Economic Commission for Europe, or the equivalent Malaysian standard MS1164.


LPB brake pads & shoes are manufactured to comply with European E-Mark Standards and bear the number ECE R90 approval number on their backing plates providing testimony that the products meet international safety standards. 

To ensure full compliance with Malaysian regulations, certifications have additionally been sought and approved by SIRIM under the equivalent Malaysian standard bearing MS1164 approval number on their backing plates. 

LPB brake pads & shoes are thus certified as fully compliant with both European and Malaysian standards which clearly attest their supreme quality. To secure certifications under stringent requirements of these regulations, LPB brake pads & shoes have been subjected to strenuous tests covering braking performance, production conformity and marking and packaging standards to ensure full compliance with the regulations. 

In summary, LPB brake pads & shoes received safety and quality assurance certifications including:

•    European E-Mark Certification ECE R90

•    Malaysian SIRIM Certification MS1164

•    Other Quality Assurance Certifications


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